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Cheap cloud VPS hosting with the highest virtual server reliability & performance! True virtual servers built for speed.


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Govaio VPS Hosting

Lowest number of client per server

We extremely maintain low number of hosting in our server, Thats allows lower server resourses & optimal website performance

Cloud SSD Technology for 99.9% Uptime

Cloud-powered Shared hosting servers for optimal uptime and no hardware failures! SSD powered Storage for fastest read/write times!

24x7 Technical Support

Human-powered technical support service for fast and secure website transfer, template or module installations, and any website-related issues!

Your Website on Cloud.

Shared hosting is the easiest, most economical way to get your
website connected to the Internet so you can start building it. But We Made Something Powerfull for You

V1 Business

Startup VPS

399 599 /Month

Full Root Access VPS Server

Top Features
Memory : 1 GB
SSD Space : 50 GB
CPU : 2 Core
Port : 100 Mbps
Bandwidth : Unlimited
IPv4 : 1 Static
Location : USA
Provision : 4 Hour

V2 Premium

Extra Powered

799 1199 /Month

Full Root Access VPS Server

Top Features
Memory : 2 GB
SSD Space : 100 GB
CPU : 4 Core
Port : 100 Mbps
Bandwidth : Unlimited
IPv4 : 1 Static
Location : USA
Provision : 4 Hour

V3 Advanced

Privacy and security features.

1499 1999 /Month

Full Root Access VPS Server

Top Features
Memory : 4 GB
SSD Space : 200 GB
CPU : 4 Core
Port : 100 Mbps
Bandwidth : Unlimited
IPv4 : 1 Static
Location : USA
Provision : 4 Hour

V4 Enterprise

Get optimized web resources.

2999 4999 /Month

Full Root Access VPS Server

Top Features
Memory : 8 GB
SSD Space : 300 GB
CPU : 4 Core
Port : 100 Mbps
Bandwidth : Unlimited
IPv4 : Static
Location : USA
Provision : 4 Hour

All plans include.

Enterprise-grade hardware

From CPU Casing to Processor are Powerdby Intel & AMD

Scalable on demand, without any downtime

Even if there are other websites on the shared server.

Full Root Access

Start with what you need and move to more powerful options.

Simple & Easy Control Panel

Keep personal information, e-commerce transactions.

Gigabit Powered Network

Port Limited to Megabit backed with Gigabit

Your choice of Linux OS

Choose Free of Cost OpenSource OS

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From micro to large-scale

Different projects require different technologies. Pick a plan that matches your current needs.


Choose a managed cloud for high-performing sites.


WordPress Optimized

Manage your Server easily and with more freedom.


User-Friendly Control Panel

Getting your website live is as simple as a click of a button. Everything you need - provided in a clear way.


Manage your Website sites easily and with more freedom.


Ease of Use

Get fast and secure hosting for small & medium sites.

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24/7 hosting support.

Phox supports millions of websites worldwide. Let our experts help you effectively build, grow and manage your WordPress website.

Domestic calling fees may apply


Breathe new life into your website with Govaio Cloud VPS

Easy to use VPS hosting

Cheap VPS hosting is actually possible and we proved that. Now, for the price of shared web hosting you can have your own, personal cloud server and no longer share your web hosting space with anyone else. A top-class performance with the lowest price guarantee is our motto! That's why we never oversell our virtual server resources and your websites will run without any interruptions on an incredibly high speed.

Dedicated 24/7 Live support

Professional Customer Success team's assistance is something that you won't find anywhere else for unmanaged VPS hosting services. Yet, our Team of professionals is always ready to assist you at any time & any day with no delays - and that's another reason why cloud VPS is in fact, your best VPS hosting choice. Here, our clients' happiness is our number one priority and when in need - a helping hand is always given.

Top-level RAID Protection

Advanced cloud-based infrastructure, an easy-to-use and to manage VPS control panel makes Our virtual private server your #1 choice. Only with a few clicks you can install the most popular OS or web scripts, power your virtual server on and off, reboot it, make backups, restore containers via cpanel and much more! Our cloud server hosting - your best virtual private server choice India has to offer!

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed & stability

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about hosting:

A VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server.” Let’s break it down: as the name suggests, it is a private server, which means, that it will be exclusively yours. Having a VPS service gives you a set amount of resources that you don’t need to share with anyone. It’s kind of like having your very own dedicated or private server, but virtual.

In this case, “virtual” means that it is a partition on a physical server, that is dedicated to you. This virtual server gives you the chance to gain root access, install your preferred OS and work on your project with unparalleled freedom.

We take care of the back-end business, manage the physical servers, guarantee speed, uptime, and stability, while you can focus entirely on your project.

The two services are similar, but there are some fundamental differences. A VPS server will let you create multiple instances on a single dedicated server. While a VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server will do the same, but take up the entirety of the dedicated server.

Virtual Private Server hosting is the perfect price-power option for large projects as it grants large amounts of dedicated resources and the most control while being infinitely cheaper than having your own physical dedicated server.

There are a few things that make VPS hosting the best option for specific projects. In short: if you need a lot of resources and unparalleled stability – VPS hosting is for you, but the actual answer is a little bit longer.

First of all, VPS hosting gives you dedicated resources. That means you don’t need to share your CPU power, RAM or disk space. You have an allocated amount that you control at your will, entirely.

The nature of vps hosting guarantees stability. All resources are carefully allocated to users, so high usage periods will not affect server stability.

Lastly, arguably the most significant advantage of VPS hosting comes at the highest price. You get root access and unparalleled control of the resources granted. That means that you can install a wide range of operating systems, work on resource-heavy projects and do much more, than with shared hosting. But sadly, the customer support team will only help you with questions relating to VPS hosting management and other back-end related queries.

VPS and Shared hosting have some similarities, but they’re fundamentally different kinds of services.

Shared hosting packages target small projects, such as personal blogs or similar sites. Projects that require a lot of resources or heavy traffic could run into problems by using shared hosting. That is why VPS hosting is recommended for larger websites.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, provides you with dedicated resources that you don’t need to share. Every virtual private server hosting plan makes sure that you get the highest control of your resources. Control your CPUs, Burst RAM, manage root access and use your preferred OS. The downside of VPS hosting is that, while we cover the back-end and server monitoring, maintaining it 24/7, we can provide limited help to your project concerning customer support. While all VPS hosting and control panel questions we will help with, programming, coding and other queries of similar nature won’t be covered.

Virtual server hosting is aimed towards more tech-savvy users. If you need a small website, you’re probably better off with shared hosting or premium hosting.

But if you require a lot of computing power and maximum control VPS hosting is only second to a dedicated server. Intensive websites, web apps, online game servers, databases and other kinds of complex projects are perfect for a VPS hosting service. VPS hosting provides more control than any other service, as you can install your preferred OS and take advantage of root access.

With some issues you’ll have to consult the knowledge base and tutorials, rather than receive help from our customer support.

VPS hosting grants unmatched control of your experience. To use all the power provided effectively, you will have to have technical knowledge.

VPS hosting is unmanaged, however, our customer support team will do their best to help with billing and general questions.

Of course! We have prepared 4 different plans that can fit any project. With every growth period, you can nearly seamlessly pick a more powerful plan and upgrade with no downtime at all.

Bandwidth limit counter resets to zero i.e. 1st of every month. If the total VPS bandwidth limit is exceeded, the network speed of VPS is limited to a minimum of 5Mbps.

You can setup your VPS in one of the following locations: United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Netherlands and Lithuania.

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